Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Answer

I am still amazed at what the Internet can do.  The other day one of our Poodles developed a small problem.  It was not so bad that we wanted to visit the vet, sit in the waiting room for ages even though we might make an appointment, then go through the usual mundanity to be presented with a bill for $40 plus maybe some sort of quack medication for another $30.  Not that I have any real problem with the vet himself as he's very good.

So I thought I'd try going on-line, and Hey Presto, immediately I found this site, Just answer,
 http://www.justanswer.com/   The idea is that there are vets on line all the time waiting for questions.  My chap was called Peter, and he had 15 years of internal medical experience.  I outlined the problem and then after I had deposited the $16 fee, he came back with some questions, and after I answered those, he gave me his diagnosis.  Wonderful service.  Oh, by the way although there is some convoluted system for earning money for recommending products and sites on a blog, I don't do it.  So this is purely my experience.

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