Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trevor's Travels - Ben Brissey

After last week's hiatus this Sunday's column was devoted to Ben Brissey - the blog's new sponsor.  The column was about his 17 years of accurate weather forecasting up here at 6,750 feet.

Ben Brissey with his weather maps - always running.
A lot of people think Southern California doesn't have much weather as it's always sunny, but that's not the case - ask the poor residents of Highland at the bottom of the hill, who are still digging mud out of their homes.  And mountains always do odd things to weather as well.

We are in between the deserts and the ocean with its coastal flow.  We also have four different mini-climates in the valley.  Wetter in the west in the winter, but drier in the summer.

Ben works during the day at the Bear Mountain ski resort and one of his tasks is to plan snow making for them.  It's not just a question of being cold, it's all to do with humidity as well.  You can actually make snow above freezing point if it's dry enough.  If you want to know the weather up here click on Ben's link to the right of the columns here.

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