Thursday, December 27, 2012


One of the best things about being retired is I don't have to deal with traffic.  Well, we do get our local rush hours up here where manic contractors who failed to get up in time are late for their first and then of course, subsequent jobs. Sometimes we get as many as fifteen cars waiting at one of the lights along the boulevard!
The other day however I had to go down to the flatlands and drive right into the heart of the beast.  I had to go along the 91, 55 and 22, for those familiar with local places.  For the others, let's just say it was travelling the biggest Freeways LA has to offer.  It was OK going but then came the return trip which began at 6 p.m.  This is not a good time.
It was fairly harrowing, but good to hone one's skills which had somewhat atrophied over the years.  The traffic was terrible and now in yet another search for funds to pay for overinflated pensions and benefits, the bureaucrats are doing away with car pool lanes in favor of Fast Track lanes that you pay for.  Unfortunately you can't pay for them at the time you need them - only in advance.  By the time I got out of it I was in need of a serious adult beverage!

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