Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We did get our early snowfall just before Thanksgiving this year.  It's amazing how predictable that is.  It's never a great deal but enough to open a couple of the ski runs for the holiday.
Usually we might get another small one a week or so after and then it's quiet until we get into January when we get quite big falls..
This year, the big fall has come early - 13th of December and it's going to be a lot of snow.
Initially we have had the first of three storms to come through and the first amount at our end of the valley was about a foot by ten o'clock in the morning.
Fortunately I have a number of very good tools to clear it when it eventually stops snowing.
I have an electric blower for the deck, a big snow plough for the driveway and a new shovel for some odd bits.
But my favorite snow clearer of all is this one.  Boy is she good!   Often as I'm enjoying a hot cup of chocolate inside my office sheltering from the cold, I can see the work progressing and it's amazing to watch!

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