Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tirade - Prank

Am I  the only one getting a little tired of the sanctimonious attitude of the media over this Australian Broadcasting prank that went wrong?  The final straw for me was the tear filled "confessions" of the two DJ's who made the silly phone call to the hospital pretending to to be the Queen of England.  Frankly the female's sobbing performance was worthy of an Oscar nomination.  These two marginally talented people have made a name for themselves by doing this type of stunt before, and I really don't think they could be that upset over what had to be a coincidence.  The woman who committed suicide must have been on the brink to do it - after all she merely put the imposters through to the ward.  I can't see Howard Stern being that upset.  And he is the master of such stuff. Come on People!

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