Saturday, December 15, 2012

Right Track - Arabs

I'm getting a little tired of the situation in Arabia.  And more so by our stumbling around wringing our collective hands.  Now I know we're all supposed to feel everybody's pain in these sensitive times but let's just look at the evidence  here.  These people don't know how to rule themselves.  Surely our experience in Iraq must have shown us that.  We removed a dictator and chaos followed.  Same thing in Libya; same thing in Egypt.  I hope the Pakistanis will forgive me, but it's the same there.  Total disaster!  Now we have good old Basher looking like he wants to gas his people, and that's sent everyone into a panic.  Why?  He'll do as he likes.  For the world of Islam, surely dictatorships are the way to go.  They actually work.  Particularly the really nasty ones.  So let's not get drawn into the tar baby of Arabia again.  They're not like us.  And also let's stop sending them any more money. We can have them hate us for free!

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