Saturday, December 8, 2012

Right Track - Fiscal Cliff

Now let's see if I've got this right.  Earlier in the year, both parties were unable to agree on how to reduce our deficit and increase prosperity for all.  The Dems wanted to increase taxes, and cut back on the armed forces and defense overall.  The Republicans wanted to reduce our entitlements which will not last indefinitely in their present form.  The solution at the time was to kick the can down the road until the end of the year, when they will institute an increase in taxes and cut back on defense.  This was referrred to as going over the fiscal cliff, as it was generally believed that the policy would cause a recession.
Now it seems as if both sides are back where they were with no compromise possible.  But wait, if we go over the cliff, the Dems get big increases in taxes, and a reduction in that provocative defense budget - which makes the world hate us - plus an added bonus; all the blame can be put on the Republicans.  As for the economic catastrophe, well if you want to end the unfair practice of capitalism, so that the shining white monolith of socialism can rise up, what better method?  I think we have to accept that the Dems are a lot better at the political game than the GOP!

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