Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The other day I met a man who told me his dog was in fact a wolf.  The animal was outside and it looked pretty tame to me, so I sacrificed a piece of the sausage I was eating and asked the man if I could give it to "Buddy."  He said he would love it.  So out I went to meet him and he was indeed happy with the proffered gift.  He was very tame and I enjoyed being with him.  Now the man had been a personal body guard to some rich client for some time so I didn't want to upset him.  The fact is I don't think it was a wolf at all.  More likely a Malamute, one of which I knew very well some years ago.  Here's a Malamute below, and you can see that he's not much different to the wolf above.

The fact is that wolves are truly wild animals and not domesticated to the point where I would trust them.

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