Thursday, December 13, 2012

Accident - almost!

I was riding along our North Shore Drive the other morning on my way to an assignment.  Now I don't know what is wrong with this particular two-mile stretch of road, but it seems to me to have more than its fair share of accidents - and many of them with motorcycles.
The speed limit is 40 and I was doing about that when a woman in a red Ford saloon turned out right in front of me.  She was about fifty feet away and at first I couldn't believe she'd done this.  Now fortunately for me Harley Davidson provide excellent brakes on their machines and so I squeezed them both pretty hard.  Unfortunately however, I didn't have quite enough space to stop before I would have hit her.  I therefore pulled over the the crown of the road and would have had to clip a little off the oncoming lane too. 
A truck driver coming towards me saw my dilemma and pulled well over to give me more space, but by then the woman had sped up and I was safe.  She took the next turning on the right - without any signal, of course - and I'm sure she never even knew of my presence on the road.  The truck driver and I acknowledged knowing looks!

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