Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tirade - Sandy Hook

Once again tragedy has struck a small part of America, and as usual the media has descended on the town in full force.  Once again they are ready to milk the situation and try and glean every bit of emotion out of the grief that the poor surviving parents are enduring.  And do it 24/7!
Then, of course, comes the perpetual question as to why this happened, and then the implication that somehow our 2nd Amendment rights caused it.  "We have to do something," booms the President.  Gun control talk buzzes around the tables of the Sunday morning political talk shows.  "We have to make our schools more secure," says one.  "We need to look at mental health," shouts another. Sadly we have few solutions for the act of a madman.  Because that is what caused it.  Maybe we should start blaming violent video games!  My solution?  Arm the teachers!  The little bastard would have thought twice before going into a classroom that could have fought back!  Come on People!

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