Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Water Break in the Desert
We're always being told by our betters to drink more water.  Mostly like nearly everybody I ignore them.  However I had a most unpleasant experience on our trip with such behavior.  It was about half an hour after a lunch break and I suddenly felt extremely tired.  Not a good thing astride an 800-pound two-wheeled machine.  I had Michael pull over to tell him that I absolutely had to close my eyes for fifteen minutes.  As we discussed an appropriate spot, I drank quite a lot of water before climbing back on the saddle.  Within a minute or two I felt so much better I had to stop Michael again and tell him to nix the plan.  I worked out my consumptiuon that day.  I had had two cups of coffee and maybe a small drink of water first thing,  Wow, if ever I needed to be reminded of dehydration that was it.  Drink plenty of water!!!!

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