Friday, August 23, 2013

Trevor's Tirade - Terminology

I mentioned the other day that I had been refused help at the local Post Office and the reason for it.  As I explained the new postmistress had removed all the tape from the counter so that they would have not have to pay for it, I guess to be the reason.  It reminded me some years ago when another new occupant to the position arrived and wandered into our local watering hole.  She introduced herself to everyone as the new post master.  She was not unattractive and I looked her up and down and said surely she meant the new postmistress.  She assured me that was wrong.  To which I said that unless she had recently returned from an uncomfortable and expensive procedure in Sweden, she would always be a postmistress to me.  I cannot understand why people have to be so sensitive about the term mistress, with its vaguely sexual connotations, to end up calling women men.  It's a stupid as calling female dogs "little lady dogs" instead of the correct term bitches.  Try getting away with that at the Westminster Dog Show or Crufts!  Come on People!

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