Friday, August 30, 2013

Tirade - Filner

The mayor of San Diego has gotten himself into some trouble.  According to about 15 women he has made unpleasant sexual advances to them over the years.  These are mature women, but once again they have been paraded on TV by their ruthless lawyer, each on the verge of tears.  Now not wishing to decry their discomfort, which I would have thought was increased greatly by having to go on show over this, but there is definitely something wrong.  The mayor, who has attracted the added nomenclature of "Filthy" to his name of Filner, is being pressed strongly for his resignation, no doubt by his political opponents.  He also volunteered to go into a program to help him overcome his problem.  There are a a couple of thoughts here.  What type of therapy can overcome his problem in just a week - the length of his so-called treatment?  And what type of women cannot overcome such advances.  How are we teaching our young women these days.  It seems that apart from a couple of suggestions to go on dates - he's married I believe - the advances came down to a couple of kisses and a couple of caresses on the cheek.  When I was growing up and had I attempted such unwelcome behavior, I know it would have been dealt with in a way that would have reduced my stature immediately.  It could have ranged from a stinging, loud remark as to my unattractiveness to a stinging slap on the cheek.  Why are we not passing these types of techniques on to our daughters and younger sisters?  Or are we leaving it all to the law to handle for us?  Come on People!

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