Saturday, August 31, 2013

Right Track - Syria

The naivete of our politicians as well as the hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.  I smile as I watch the Dem talking heads try and explain how Syria is different from the last time we mounted an attack on Arabia.  Back then if you remember, they were full of rhetoric about having to build a "coalition of the willing!" Something both Bush 41 and 43 did rather well.  This time of course our staunchest ally has seen fit to reject the idea of getting involved.  The Dems also insisted on UN approval and a vote in Congress, both of which have been circumvented this time.  So our esteemed President is going to have to go it alone.  And this will mean he will own the entire shambles that will occur - paraded broken bodies of babies and old people to show what the evil Americans have done.  Before he pushes the switch I suggest he reads Uncle Remus's The Tar Baby.  It would be very instructive.  Then perhaps a short speech to the nation explaining that being a devout enthusiast for Islam he has thought hard and long about the entire situation, and has decided that it would be best for everyone to let Allah to sort it out.

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