Friday, August 16, 2013

Trevor's Tirade - Post Office

Recently we've been subjected to a number of TV ads paid for by the Post Office Workers Union.  Basically the ads say that the reason the Post Office is in financial straights is because of Congress, and how unfair it all is.  I don't know anybody who enjoys going to this particular institution as it's never an uplifting experience.  I had to go with a large letter the other day.  It needed to be weighed and stamped.  Unfortunately the flap was coated with that self sealing substance and on this occasion it refused to stick down.  When I reached the counter I asked the woman if she could just give me a small piece of tape to do the job. She said: "She's (referring to the new post mistress*) taken all our tape away!"  I therefore suggested she use a couple of staples to do it, but she assured me that was not possible as it would stop the letter going through the machine.  I was so staggered I simply left the place.  And they wonder why they are going under and will have to close several branches.  Come On People!

* This terminology will be the subject of another Tirade.  Stay Tuned!

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