Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can Openers

Most inventions during my life have improved dramatically.  In fact it's hard to think of one that hasn't.  But I have one complaint and that is with the common hand can opener.  While camping, one requires canned goods to provide cooked food, and to open them you have to have an opener. I remember the first of these devices when I was young.  They had a vicious looking half moon blade with a sharp edge and required a lot of force to keep cutting into the top of the can.  Naturally we were warned against them by ever protective mothers and scoutmasters.  Then along came this wonderful invention of a wheel with the small cutting edge safely on the other side of it with one hand turning a butterfly handle and the other left to clasp the grips.  Mothers and scoutmasters began to breathe more easily.  But now some fool has decided to change things and make this wonderful thing less reliable.  We went through two of these before we found one that did the job.  What is the matter with people.  When it works please leave it alone!

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