Friday, August 2, 2013

Tirade - Road Works

I recently had to travel along a road just outside Wendover in Idaho.  It was a good road and there had been some work done on it to improve the surface.  However the entire road was coned off and we were forced to ride on the shoulder for what seemed to be about twenty miles.  Naturally we were reduced to the speed of the slowest truck as there was no way to pass it.  I expected to see some teams of workers or at least some equipment left to start work again, but there was nothing.  Just good new surface and a long long line of cones keeping us all to the side.  I have experienced this before and I believe the delay to opening the full road is to allow some politician or bureacrat to stand on a podium and congratulate him or herself and their team on doing what they were paid to do.  Come on People!

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