Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've posted a couple of comments about TV's recently.  We've had a little activity on that front and not the least was an experience with our main TV about a month ago.  It went wrong.  It didn't just fade away like the old ones used to do, but it lost its picture and instead made a really loud buzzing electronic noise, which scared the dogs.  We began looking at adverts for a replacement and even went to the local store.  It's a fairly big item so we were not in a rush as we could still coax the old one - about three years old by the way - into life by switching it off and on.
Now, when I buy electronics I'm always offered their extended warranty and I usually refuse, having a childlike belief in the march of technology.  So it was an odd instinct that made me look in my files and there I found a warranty for this set.  I was amazed and She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) looked glowingly at me for quite some time!  As a result an attempt was made by the firm's man to repair the TV, but in the end, I was offered a free replacement.  As I wrapped up the deal at the store they offered me another extended warranty; you can be sure I agreed to it!

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