Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The other day we had an earthquake close to Palm Springs.  It was reported to be a 5.2, but later revised to a 4.7.  Within a couple of hours, Ms. Kate Hutton appeared on TV doing her usual thing.  Now I've noticed this is a sort of guaranteed aftershock that always occurs - Kate Hutton's appearance.  Like a Secretary of State she never actually tells you anything that you didn't know, but unlike a Secretary of Sate she's been doing it for decades.  She works at Cal Tech's geological department, and is in her sixties I suppose, considering how long she's been doing this.  My question is what is the point?  She's spent all her life studying earthquakes and still they have no idea of when or where they are likely to occur.  As we're trying to save money here's an idea.  Let's just put on a recording of her and add a subtitle to point out the actual epicenter; we'd learn the same stuff.

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