Saturday, May 18, 2013

Right Track - Tantrum

Recently the President had a little tantrum on TV about his gun control law failing to pass in the Senate.  For several weeks we have had the dubious spectacle of him trolling the grieving families of the Sandy Hook murders around to shore up support for more background checks and smaller magazines.  We also have to endure the sad sight of Gabby Giffords, who underwent the shooting two years ago by a maniac in Arizona.  What all these sorry people refuse to accept is that the legislation was voted down because it would not have impeded any of the recent tragedies.  More importantly we just don't trust the government to handle a "register" of gun owners.  Many of us believe that the libs want full confiscation, and therefore we will resist what they propose to make that any easier.  Please note that an extreme partisan "dem" and the leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, also voted it down - for whatever reason.

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