Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday's Column - Gilman Ranch

This week we visit the famous Gilman Ranch in Banning not far from Palm Springs.  It's an interesting place with a museum devoted to wagons and other forms of travel.
On my visit, I was met by Herb Spencer who was waxing long and hard about their new "Mud Wagon" that had just arrived from the restorers.  In my ignorance, I assumed that this was a rather nasty dirty thing, but as you can see here along with Herb it's pretty nice.  The term "Mud" comes from the fact that travelers from Los Angeles in the 19th century ran out of paved road around S/Bernardino and the way would often be just mud.  In order to cope, the wheels were much thicker, so as not to sink in.  You can read the column at

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