Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We have this little bird house hanging on a wall here.  It's not in the best of shape and I was planning to fix it up soon. 

It's been empty for several years - the entrance is quite small and therefore limits the type of bird that can use it.  No Steller's jays, or pigeons here, thank you.

Well, we have a lot of Mountain Chickadees here.  They love the trees with all the pine seeds and insects, their principal diet.  They are hard to spot if you don't know them as they have a habit of perching in the trees where they just whistle at you.  It sounds a little like "We're in the money!"  A very cheerful sound.

Now one of these little fellows has decided to take possession of the bird house, in advance of me fixing it up.  I'm a little concerned that the bottom of the house might fall off, but still he's in and out of there all day. Furthermore, he's now decided to do the place up himself.  I didn't think that chickadees were woodpecker types, but this little chap is banging away in there.  We think he's already put up pictures, and now he's making bookcases.  He's at it most afternoons and into the early evening.  Naturally we can't disturb him in his work.  But be sure once the family has arrived, grown up and flown off for the winter break, I shall get a grip of his house.  Certainly I shall strengthen the floor.

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