Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Column - Colton Museum

This week is about a visit to the Colton Area Museum.  The building is rather fine and is in itself of some interest.  The great industrialist and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, arrived from his native Scotland virtually penniless.  He rose to great wealth and he put it down to his being having access to a good library and being able to read.  As a consequence, he donated 1,689 libraries to the country and Colton's served in that function from 1904 until it closed and moved its volumes in 1984.

Today the museum houses a lot of different artifacts from the past including a special section devoted to the Earp family.  Virgil became the first sheriff, and Wyatt was known to have stayed with him several times. Morgan, who died as a result of the fight at the OK corral is buried nearby as well.

If you go to the column at you will also find out what the word "brake-beam" means!

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