Saturday, March 23, 2013

Right Track - Obamacare

The full effects of Obama's socialised medicine are not yet to be felt.  But I can report on one problem.  My doctor is likely to go out of business.  He runs a very efficient but small practice - two nurses, a receptionist, who helps with the paperwork and I think someone in the back office to do the lion's share of the forms.  In order to be compensated for his patients on medicare - quite a lot of us as we live in a retirement area - he has to update all his paper records to electronic ones.  This is to allow the government to audit his charges on line.  Don't totalitarians love control!  Well, the cost of this update is well over $150,000 and not surprisingly he can't afford it.  His choice?  Leave the hill and work for a large HMO plan down there, or more likely close his practice and work for another doctor.  Progress????

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