Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clocks Back!

By now everybody should have adjusted to their clocks going forward -  unless you live in Arizona of course, where they enjoy permanent summer time.  This is another thing we can blame George W. Bush for.  He signed into law that we could put our clocks forward a couple of weeks earlier than normal and leave them the same a couple of weeks longer in the fall.  Considering that I used to regularly fly around the country and also abroad with some quite difficult time changes, I can't understand why just one hour's difference messes me up so much.  Just another annoying aspect of the aging process, I supppose.  I wish someone would explain why we have to do this twice a year.  I see no benefit in it at all.  Why can't we just stick with permanent summer time, like Arizona.  But for now let's just blame George W. Bush!

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