Saturday, March 2, 2013

Right Track - Feminism

I think I've always been a feminist.  It always seemed logical to me, and we had several females in the family too.  There was never any doubt that when it came to home matters, my mother's view was law.  I've never understood why women cannot receive equal pay to men for equal work either.  But I do have some reservations regarding putting women into front line positions in the military.  For a start, it's accepted that women are not as physically strong as men, and we do not under any circumstances want to lower the standards of the training that they have to complete.  If you are alongside someone on the battle lines, I think it's reasonable to want that other person to be able to get you out of there if the need arises.  Secondly, front line troops do have to live in pretty rough conditions, often with minimal clothing and a total lack of privacy. Is this a reasonable atmosphere for women, or are we gong to have to re-jig the entire approach to cater for them?  The final concern I have is the fear of having them captured.  Do we seriously believe that their captors will behave like gentlemen?  And what effect will this have on the morale of the rest of the troop and also the country?

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