Friday, January 25, 2013

Tirade - Sexism

Is it me or are others being annoyed by the stupid sexism displayed on some TV adverts?  The most recent egregious example has a man caught by his "ever so smart" wife stealing office supplies from his child's room.  To make matters worse the child is obviously female as the room is done out in a sickly pink color. Or maybe the "ever so smart" woman is deliberately causing gender confusion.  The man is stealing staples and other supplies and when confronted looks particularly stupid, as he is also found to have a number of toilet rolls hidden under his coat.  His efforts to save money for his firm are thwarted by his "ever so smart" wife, who saves money by using some vendor!  Why is it OK to portray men in TV ads as stupid, greedy and untrustworthy?  Maybe in this case the "ever so smart" wife is really not so smart as she chose to marry this creature.  Come on People!

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