Saturday, January 5, 2013

Right Track - Guns

I find it fascinating that many of the very people who are promoting gun regulations, send their children to Sidwell Friends School in Georgetown, who have 11 armed guards to protect their charges.  These people include and have included the Clinton's, Obama, David Gregory, Al Gore and Joe Biden.  When I researched this the following comment was on a site...
...So if sitting in an office building protected by armed guards, employing armed bodyguards, and sending your kids to a school with armed guards is OK for the elite, why are they trying to attempt to limit the ability of the masses to defend themselves... 
Always remember Animal Farm and the wall in the barn where the controlling pigs rewrote the rules:  "All animals are equal," but then added, "but some are more equal then others."  It is ever thus!  If the argument that these privileged children are higher targets than others, then you must also accept that these same children therefore have a higher worth than ours.  Arm and train the teachers!

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