Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As a cyclist and an avid Tour de France fan, I have to say how sad and disappointed I am at the recent "confession" of Lance Armstrong.  Having watched his glorious successes in seven Tours, it is tough to realise that all along they were the false wins of a cheat.  Perhaps everyone was on the "juice" but even so, his vigorous denials and the many clean drug tests show how bad this entire facade was.  I'm sure that most people who have any interest at all must feel as I do, and that is a feeling of being betrayed and made to feel stupidly gullible, which is perhaps the worst of it.  Also we have lost a huge amount of face to the French!  It will be hard to watch future races with the same enthusiasm.  Having amassed a $100 million fortune, I still can't work out why he would want to go on TV and make this confession.  Why not just find a country with no embezzlement extradition treaty and go away?  The saying of "confession is good for the soul," may be true for the transgressor, but what about the rest of us?

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