Thursday, January 10, 2013

Raider Fans

Firstly my thanks to Victor Vaszquez for the season tickets to the Raiders game recently.  It was on my bucket list and Victor read about my desire to go.  It was a lot of fun, but not like going to a baseball game at all, with which I have some experience.  My visit to the game was the subject of last Sunday's column.
Firstly, it seemed that many of the fans at the Oakland Colliseum suffered from glaucoma, as they were using a lot of marijuana to control the symptoms.
Most of the females were very fat.  One young lady near us arrived at the kick off, her mouth already half filled with a large ham and cheese sandwich.  She had bought a flask of margarita from the consession stand and started on that pretty early.  A note here to the organisers:  Do you really think it's avisable to serve hard liquor to an already over excited people, who are likely to become even more excited?  Just a thought!
The same young lady soon switched her beverage to two large beers, together with a couple of  hot dogs.  There was more activity going on with her than on the field, where they spent a lot of time waiting for the TV ads to finish.  So that's what they do while we're sitting at home watching beer commercials - hang around.
After the hot dogs, she went back to the beers and in the second half a couple of chorros - those Mexican type doughnuts.  Then no doubt feeling replenished she finished off the afternoon with a joint.  This she shared with her father - now that's what I call responsible parenting!
Two gentlemen arrived wearing San Francisco Forty-niner uniforms.  This upset many of the crowd who offered up five dollar bills - the toll - to get back over the F*ck*ng Bridge!
A gentle shy retiring group all round.  But as the late great Al Davis was fond of saying "Just win, baby!"  Sadly on this occasion they didn't.

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