Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Model Planes

About three years ago I wrote a column on local model plane makers up here in Big Bear.  We have a miniature landing strip at the end of Baldwin Lake and on wind free mornings they gather and fly these exquisite models, many of them now powered by electric motors with rechargeable long lasting batteries.
My friend Stan in England sent me an article about a man called Maynard Hill who died back in June.  He was 85 and was perhaps the ultimate model plane maker.  You can read all about his amazing career in this article
Perhaps the highlight of his long interest in models was the first and only attempt to fly a model plane across the Atlantic.  It took him a long time to finally achieve his goal with over 20 different planes failing in the attempt, before he had success.
As one observer said.  "It was the equivalent of landing Armstrong on the moon."

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