Saturday, January 12, 2013

Right Track - Deficit

Hooray!  We've fixed the budget problem in the USA.  No more looming fiscal cliff.  We've finally soaked those wily rich people and just like our President promised on the campaign trail we're going to fix the deficit.  It's easy, just make the evil rich people pay more.  They've been getting away with not paying their fair share for decades now.  And of course, all this time it's been a revenue problem - it's not the spending, is it!
Of course all those zeros and 'illions we keep on hearing about are just so confusing.  So here is a little picture of how well our leaders have done in fixing the problem.
The deficit is the red bit on the right, and the solution of taking from the rich is the green part on the left.  See, we fixed it.  Problem solved!  We can get back to normal now and carry on borrowing $.46 of every $1.00..

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