Monday, March 10, 2014

Video - Mont Blanc Ride

I'm grateful to my friend Kevin in the Marina for this wonderful ten minute video.  Ten minutes is a lot of time to invest in watching a video on a computer but I couldn't stop watching.  See what you think.  Here's the intro and the link.

“OK class, we're meeting in the Alps for a little fun.  The 'copter will take us to near the top of Mont Blanc at about 13,000 feet and we'll work our way down to around 3,000 feet in the valley below.
Our guide will be the red sail, and we'll all have yellow sails.  Try not to get ahead of the red sail, unless you know the up drafts and craig heights very well.  And try not to run into other sails.
The total flight will take about 10 minutes.  Great scenery.  You can probably get in another run before the end of the day if you're so inclined,and if you don’t hit the mountain, houses, power lines or lift cables and kill yourself!”

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