Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday' Column - Nethercutt Museum

I do wish editors wouldn't cause errors with articles.  There is a whopper in the first paragraph of this week's piece on the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar.  I checked my original copy and I'm glad to see it's not me that made it.  So why change it at all?*  Never mind, the place is a wonderful collection of vintage cars.
This is a 1938 Mercedes that was bought by an Englishman in Italy.  It was converted to right hand drive and then the war intervened.  The Englishman no doubt skedaddled back home sans auto!  Finally a GI picked it up and brought it to the USA in 1945.  Like all the other exhibits it's in pristine condition.  You can read the entire article - error and all - at
*After much whining, they subsequently rectified it!

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