Friday, March 28, 2014

Trevor's Tirade - Irish?

Let's get some basic facts on the table.  I was born English but chose to become American.  
I've been to Ireland many times - both north and south.  I've also been to Scotland and Wales.  But those two countries have never tried on any occasion to encourage me to become one of them.  Nor am I expected to wear a thistle on St. Andrews Day. (November 30th), a leak or daffodil on St David's Day (March 1st) or do I ever put on a rose for St George's Day (April 23rd.)  So why on earth am I expected to put on green or wear that very common weed the shamrock on March 17 - St Patrick's Day?  I'm not Irish and I'm certainly not going to drink green beer, any more than any self-respecting Irishman would.  So March 17th passed as any other day and I avoided the celebrations by the 90+% of those Americans who have never set foot on the Emerald Isle!  Maybe I'll just wait for Cinco de Mayo!  Come on People!

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