Friday, March 21, 2014

Tirade - Coffee

When I first used to come over to America in the 70's and then moved here permanently in the 80's decaffeinated coffee was a bit of a problem  It usually meant that you would be given a cup of hot water and a little sachet of coffee called Sanka. Do you remember that?

Eventually the powers that be convinced people that there was little point in jolting yourself and taking caffeine, and it became frowned upon.  Also it elevated the blood pressure.  Everyone switched to "decaf!"  Now it seems as if the trend is reversing, and if you go into one of the many coffee places that are everywhere with young people ordering a complex assortment of lattes, espressos and the like, they no longer have a brew of decaf available.  Are we to revert to Sanka soon?  Come on People!

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