Saturday, November 16, 2013

Right Track - Apologies?

There seems to be some confusion over the President's recent apology over lying to everyone about being able to keep our insurance policies if we liked them - our doctors too.  Well, let's review what happened.  The Affordable (That's a joke if ever there was one!) Care Act was rammed through Congress with not one Republican vote in favor and not one Democratic vote against.  In order to ensure that the voting went as planned with majorities in both houses, the authorities had to bribe, cajole and force the members to comply.  They could not have done this if members' constituents were up in arms.  Therefore it was necessary to calm the troubled waters by offering lies that people would not have their plans taken away.  The latest argument that it was the insurance companies who welshed on the deal is totally spurious as it was the the authorities who made them change their conditions so they could not comply with grandfathering.  Some of us have quite good memories.  Apology indeed!

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