Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've never quite understood why Americans don't much like lamb.  Granted this fellow is most unlikely to provide good eating as he'd be far too tough.  But lamb is one of the delights of Europe and come spring, it is much sought after.  Sheep need lots of grass and America has this in plenty.  Sheepherders and their flocks were disliked by cattlemen in the old days as sheep, I believe, tend to crop the grass too low for cattle to be able to use it.  But where there are no cattle, sheep can provide wonderful meat and also wool that is hard to beat.  The other day we splurged on a boneless leg of lamb and along with its accompaniment of mint sauce - not that nasty jelly - but the one made with fresh mint, boiling water, sugar and vinegar.  It was expensive but delicious - the lamb not the sauce!
As an aside I also miss the somewhat quaint English expression of "Mutton* dressed up as lamb!"  Meaning a woman of older years dressing like a young girl.  I think it is meaningless out here.
*Mutton is old sheep meat which is rather tough.

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