Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Air Show

We have an air show up here in Big Bear.  Unfortunately it's every other year so I never write about it.  If they held it each year then I could go along, write the piece, and sit on it for a year.  But two years is too long for me.  After all I don't even buy green bananas!  I don't know exactly what these planes are, but this one comes from WWII.
I liked this red one immensely.

Also I liked this Studebaker, which thoughtfully had its information posted on it. 1957!
Some type of Russian trainer, I think.


  1. the first was a gull wing design used to great. success. It was either land based but mostly carrier based, Very fast, huge payload. Made Pappy Boyinton famous in the pacific. The other is what I started my being a pilot for a while. Along with thousands of WW@ trainees. The wings were cloth fixed with 100mph tape.(Duct) it was vert basic with a muley engine. Until we could afford electric stated you yanked on the prop to start..oil so thick it initially took two men. Very slow and manuverablr biplsnre. still used as crop dusters smd banner towers. miss those flying days. This was a STOL and a hoot to fly. Big radial engine.

    1. The bi wing was the Steerman..usuallly painted bluw and fellow. zzzzzthis model ahs been souped up with new engine and paint job.. It will be faster now without that big rumbling radial engine that demanded lots of oil.

  2. The twin engine is the B25 Mitchell made famous by Billy Mictchell when he did his thirty seconds over Tokyo. Great airplane. Could do it all. aahe was promoted to Gneral and ran the 5th airforce. Convince Shell to develope isoctances to use in engines yet made. But the Merlin and and the Allisson were a perfect mathc of design,engine and fuel. Spitfires had the secret juice along with the Mustang, Know nothing about the commie trainer. Stalin refused to fly. unlike Hitler,Churchill and FDR.