Friday, October 4, 2013

Tirade - Toilets

It seems that Al Gore's greatest political achievement is causing some blow back.  He managed during his lengthy time in office to have the nation's toilet tanks reduced to cut down on the amount of water they used.  Now it seems that with the popularity of wet wipes, there is a lot of cloggage going on in the country's sewers.  Also a company out of Venice, CA, is promoting their new product called One-Wipe Charlies, which is being endorsed in TV ads by several hulking linebackers out of the NFL.  It seems we are headed to some sort of sewer crisis if this all globs together.  An absence of water in the pipes and an increase in wipes that although stated as being flushable, may not be too good once the initial first flush of enthusiasm has been carried out.  Obviously what we need here is a government committee to solve this rampant problem. Come on People!

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