Friday, October 11, 2013

Tirade - Produce Checks

On a return trip to California recently I had to go through a road check.  They are all over the entry points to the state and usually they are unmanned.  Firstly, what is the point of not manning them for what seems 90% of the time?  Secondly, when they do have a desultory civil servant in some type of uniform standing there what use are they?  On this occasion, a sheriff type was standing there looking incredibly bored. It's hard to tell what he expected to find in vehicles returning from the state of Nevada.  Apparently it's illegal to transport produce over the line, but why?  What threat does an apple entering California pose?  In any case the official had long since given up any pretense at looking in the cars and trucks - as for returning Harley Davidsons, not even a sneer. What a waste of money!  But I was forgetting we've got lots! Come on People!

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