Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I still think of mechanics tinkering with spark plugs and tuning up carburetors.  They use to call themselves wrenchers not so long ago!  But things have definitely changed.  On a recent motorcycle ride a friend decided he would have his machine "Dyno Jetted."  I'd heard about this but didn't know quite what it meant.  Well, his bike was strapped down inside a trailer and a long probe inserted into the exhaust pipe; a few wires attached to the leads, and the back wheel forced down hard on a rotating drum.  The machine was started and taken up through the gears.  At one point they raced it to 110 m.p.h. in fourth - the bike had five gears.  Everyone in the booth wore ear defenders and this went on for about half an hour in total.  The result was that the bike was diagnosed as running a little on the lean side and various adjustments were made to the laptop computer.  No wrenching at all, just adjustments to the bike's brain.  Amazing!

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