Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Good view from wonderful seats
Thanks to our friends, Jodi and Shayne from Ohio, we had some wonderful tickets to watch the Dodgers play the Padres the other day.  We were very close to home plate and it took a little time to reorientate oneself to the different aspect.  It's been about ten years since we were there and they have spruced the place up quite a bit.  Rupert Murdock bought it some time back and put expensive seats closer to the center of things, but he wasn't a baseball fan.  Then along came McCourt who owned car parks - he was a disaster.  Now we have a consortium of sportsmen led by Magic Johnson, who owns the Dodgers and it shows.  Baseball is not a business like newspapers or parking lots. It needs some soul in its owners.  It was a great outing and the Dodgers made it even better by continuing their winning ways and beating their San Diego rivals 2 - 1.  Go Dodgers! 
It got dark and we were still there.  Great Lighting!
The team have recently won their first game in the post season by beating the Atlanta Braves.  Is a World Championship possible?  Hopes are high! 
Sadly in the sixth game of the post season against the St. Louis Cardinals our team was thrashed 9 - 0.  Still there's always next year!

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