Friday, October 18, 2013

Tirade - Hugging

One of the first Tirades I posted was about hugging.  It solicited a number of comments and most of them suggested that in some way I was not getting into the spirit of modern communications.  The fact is that I'm not alone, and to quote a recent article on the subject, like the writer I find it a deeply unpleasant experience.  It's an invasion of personal space and frankly it verges on a form of personal assault.  Furthermore I believe it achieves no more than the traditional handshake of previous eras.  I can tell you that having been grasped by a total stranger on the first meeting (the guy runs a wool shop so what can you expect) I have become very wary of people - particularly men - who believe it is their right to grab me at an inkling.  Within the aforementioned article was a note that the worst of these modern invaders of personal space is none other than Bill Clinton.  It seems that once he has your hand it is almost impossible to break free of the next move, the all enveloping man hug.  It is something to be experienced it was said.  How awful.  Perhaps I should form a society of non-huggers with a very prominent badge of two embracing people in a circle with a red line across them.  Come on People!
N.B. The same revulsion does not apply to young attractive females!

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