Friday, September 20, 2013

Tirade - Formal Dress?

The other evening there was a wedding reception at our local watering hole.  There was the usual motley crowd of guests including the ubiquitous number of young children running around uncontrolled.  Everyone was awaiting the happy couple, and eventually they appeared in full regalia.  She was in the usual white gown which was cut well and had a longish train.  He on the other hand had let the entire dress thing slide.  He was wearing a dark pork pie hat with a minute brim; a faded charcoal gray suit jacket; a white shirt hanging outside the trousers, a pale bow tie, skinny jeans and at the base of it all old basketball sneakers with pronounced white laces.  Now I ask you with a husband dressed like that on supposedly this most important day, what chance have they got?  Come on People!

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