Friday, September 6, 2013

Tirade - Children where they shouldn't be!

The other evening I was enjoying a small beverage at a local watering hole, and away to the side a family were dining.  Part of the group were two small children.  They had obviously finished their meal and by now the kids - about 3 and 4 years of age - were getting restless.  They resorted to the well tried method of running up and down the restaurant and bar, while squealing.  It was only a question of time before they discovered the popcorn machine and began to put their hands inside.  Eventually the father wandered over just as I was looking their way.  He said: "Are they annoying you?" To which I replied that they did seem to be running around a lot. He then said: "Perhaps you could come over to the table and tell me about it as it would help me to quieten them down!" I declined and said I was merely concerned they they might burn themselves on the popcorn machine.  But really, is the fellow so bereft of ways to control his children without involving the annoyance of others.  Come on People!

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