Saturday, September 7, 2013

Right Track - Syria

This wretched president of ours has caused me to change my mind on this business several times.  Having backed us into a corner by laying down a red line a year ago we are now in a position where we will lose all credibility if we do not act in this matter of the dictator Bashir and his chemical weapons.  No matter that he's killed 100,000 of his fellow citizens up to now with nary a mutter from the White House.  I would naturally follow the lead of the President even though I was uncomfortable about some type of strike, but the results of this are so hard to define, and he certainly hasn't defined them at all, that I feel it's best we just push the entire business over to the Arab league or the UN and watch as the slaughter goes on.  No matter what however, might I suggest that this current regime of ours tells Bashir's neighbors that in future they will be expected to handle their own affairs in the region - or we will stop sending them all those shiny new guns and aircraft.  After all, what do they need them for if they can't step up to the plate?

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