Saturday, September 21, 2013

Right Track - Taxes

It's a widely held belief that liberals like high taxes (on the rich, of course!) While conservatives want low taxes.  But surely after so long there must be some definitive understanding of how effective taxing is.  After all if there is no tax then the government receives no money, and if the tax rate is 100% then again the income to the government would be zero as no-one would work - what would be the point.  Here is a five-minute video that looks at the most effective rate to get the best amount of income.  But what's the point of such studies as we have a president who went on record as saying that he didn't care how effective a rate was as it just seemed so much fairer if "rich" people paid more.  I assume "rich" to mean anyone who's making more than you! Well, that certainly gives everyone a better understanding of things doesn't it?

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