Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I dropped it!

It's been over twenty years since I dropped a motorcycle.  Back then I had failed to put down the kickstand while making a phone call from a phone box - remember them?  Well, that time it just broke the lens of a turn signal and as I was just along the road from Bartells, the HD dealer, I went in to get a replacement.  I put the broken pieces on the counter and Chico the always-ready-for-a-laugh salesman grabbed the PA mike and announced:  Everyone, Trevor's just dropped his bike!!  Thank you Chico!  That was about 21 years ago.  This time was different.  I was only turning at a slow walking pace on gravel, and yes, you've guessed it, I put my foot down and it slipped.  Down the bike went.  But it did confirm one thing.  I can't lift the beast up by myself.  I had to get Michael to help me.  I had often wondered!  The good news? Not a scratch of damage.  Those engine guards really work!

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