Friday, June 7, 2013

Trevor's Tirade - Table Manners

I was appalled the other day when I saw a newsclip showing a dining table full of graduating students from a prestigious university being taught table manners.  At this late stage in their life, what had they been doing before?  Eating out of a trough?  The university charges around $50,000 a year to teach them their preferred subjects so they obviously had parents with some money.  However I was sitting at the bar the other day -  for the more sensitive readers this rarely happens!! - and there was a 50-year old quite respectable woman next to me.  She ordered some food and when it arrived complete with knife and fork all wrapped up in a paper napkin (Incidentally the correct word for such an item is a serviette, but we won't split hairs here.)  After the first mouthful she used the napkin and then threw it down between us on the bar top.  Not a pleasant image as her rather messy meal progressed.  Now the rule for the very few of you who do not know, or who did not have a tartar of a father red hot on such matters, is any napkin should never appear above the table unless it is used briefly to dab the lips, and then replaced upon the lap!  This is not tough stuff to figure out!  Come on People!

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